Team Leadership Development

Leadership teams innovate businesses. Above all, this requires deep change inside the team. In my programmes, together you develop a shared gaze at the wider business system, you reflect on personal and collective beliefs and co-create novel approaches. You interiorise new roles and ideas in order to give your very best and to set the example as a credible and energetic team. Your organisation can change into a living and performing community.


Alternatively, your team may have to adapt to rapidly changing contexts. What truly matters to you as leadership team? How about unity or inclusion? How to support each other to elevate and maintain performance? Your team spirit will not go unnoticed !

We start our team leadership journey with intakes and interviews to clarify issues and develop the right program: tailor-made interventions of team workshops, additional individual leadership development and review to learn and adjust. Contact.

Integrated Leadership Services

Your change-, sustainability- or HR-programmes or trainings may benefit from my team- and personal leadership offer: it boosts insight, involvement and ideas of your staff and has been acknowledged a valuable contribution by my clients. Please contact me for information and proposals.



I speak and write about performance, leadership and spirituality in organisations and business. Visit my blog. Subject and format on demand.

Transformative Change through Inner Leadership.

Today’s interconnected and fragile world demands transformative change. Businesses assume new roles and responsibilities in society beyond creation of shareholder value. Adequate and alternative approaches are required. Quick fixes and routines don’t do any longer.

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Companies are responding with new business models, (social) innovation, sustainability and change programs. They explore, act and struggle, in line with embracing novelty and meaning.

Such approaches require deep change at the heart of the organisation: inside their leaders. Organisations change because their leaders change!