Deep Learning for Deep Change

You may have noticed that at the core of Zijn Werkt! – programs, deep learning experiences are applied in the concrete reality of personal or organisational life. This way breakthrough can occur. 

Daniel Bell (AUS) action reflections Swimming 2000 Sydney PG

We call this approach ‘Reflection in Action’, which is not a technique for problem solving. It is very powerful and effective way of deep learning, – often associated with or going back to sound spiritual traditions-, when it comes to adopting a different and renewed mindset.

This is essential in dealing with today’s challenges and complex issues that do demand adequate alternative approaches rather than quick fixes and routines.

Reflection in Action supports key decision making and fosters engagement, resilience and joy. Relevant and applicable both in the workplace and in the boardroom! 

Zijn Werkt! actively builds and applies reflective and spiritual approaches to organizational practices. Actually, ‘Reflection in Action’ can be considered an interpretation in English of ‘Zijn Werkt!’ 

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