Personal Leadership Development

Zijn Werkt3 318To drive change, to lead your team or shape your professional future: first of all you must be able to lead yourself. Who am I ?, What do I truly long for ?, Do I dare to involve myself ?

I specifically address your inner dynamics of leadership. Develop new insights about yourself as a leader, as a person, interiorise these and transform, move to a next level of leadership performance. Learn to live and lead from your essence: inspired, involved and with impact!

Your case is our point of departure in highly customised programs. So, please feel free to contact me for a free of charge intake conversation. Should you decide to make a next step with me, this intake will be charged. Otherwise, I wish you a meaningful alternative path.

Profound inner exploration and transformation take time and effort. For both of us! And maintaining your leadership requires discipline. Your program includes intake, clarification, 1-to-1 in depth encounters, homework e.g. reflective writing, evaluation and adaptation of your path. Typically 6-8 session in half a year; with ‘maintenance-service’ of about 3-4 sessions a year. In-or outside company. Contact

We move beyond self-management, capability building or problem solving. I help you unveil your core belief that sets you in motion. Inner transformation and breakthrough performance will come with a sense of profound fulfilment! 


Integrated Leadership Services

Change-, sustainability- or HR-programmes may benefit from my personal leadership offer: it boosts insight, involvement and ideas and has been acknowledged a valuable contribution by my clients . Please contact me for information and proposals.

Spiritual Direction

Being successful or being stuck in life: such conditions may evoke that single question: What in essence is my life about? Do you desire and allow yourself to explore your ultimate perspectives and search for identity, purpose and deep engagement?

You are not alone. Many have gone the spiritual way, supported by a spiritual director. I can be your guide-companion in a series of in-depth conversations and practices in search of what gives meaning to your life. Starting with your questions we carefully explore underlying or transcending dynamics and how they set you in motion. I welcome your call.

Inner Leadership: Guidance welcome!

The inner dynamic of leadership is most challenging: you, as leaders first of all, must make an ‘inner shift’ of perspective, interiorise new ideas and values, reconsider purpose and dare to set the example. Reflecting on yourself, changing your mindset and engaging yourself requires openness and courage at least. where_do_ideas_come_from
An outside sparring partner for ‘the mind and soul’, a professional-companion on your way in work and life, is beneficial and often needed.

Connection is key, so “I’ll meet you where you are”.

  • You can meet me at places and in moments convenient to you; this may include your (long distance) travel.
  • Formats that fit: including face-to-face settings, SKYPE-meeting, workshops, retreats, nature-walks, dialogue, silence, diaries.
  • To facilitate your learning, I help you create your personalised set of simple models, images or aids.

On your route of transformation, I bring together my authentic inner way of living, thorough thinking and doing and international business experience.