We continuously develop new services and create highly customised programmes. Please contact us for your specific requests. Here you find examples of our current offer.

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Team Performance

Feedback training: Acquire valuable insight in your own performance by your team members, learn to give and receive feedback for bigger impact, instil a culture of openness and sharing.

Team interaction programme: Enhance your team performance through this highly customised programme for team development. Gain collective insight in your team dynamics, roles and communication. Learn, enjoy and perform!


Change & Organisation Development

Embracing change: In our global world, organisations continuously change and so employees have to learn to adapt. Often this causes stress to many involved.

This set of workshops makes you feel more comfortable with change and deal with it in a constructive way. Understand change, gain insight into your own perceptions and behaviours, take ownership of your new situation and prepare for action.

Personal leadership programme: How do I authentically lead innovation or change? What choices do I make with regard to personal development or career? What are my core strengths? Deep understanding of yourself and your role is at the heart of these challenges. 

Our personal leadership programmes dig deep to explore and experience your inner world for ideas, answers and actions to surface! 


Innovation and  Sustainability

More and more, leaders and scholars alike begin to see that sustainability, innovation and doing business converge. What does this mean for your organisation and business performance? 

In this intensive programme participants explore novel views on Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility, business and on social entrepreneurship. They reflect on their personal and collective roles and responsibilities in this complex yet exciting environment. Finally they co-create sustainable, future-focussed strategies. Intense, challenging and exciting!


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