Does your team feel blocked or stuck in trying to fulfill certain tasks? Do you need to drive performance up a level?
Is your team, group or network seeking to introduce meaningful and lasting change in order to enhance client or employee engagement, and your organisation’s contribution to society in general?
Are you responsible for establishing a values-based, breakthrough sustainability or innovation programme, and would you like expert knowledge and inspirational support to develop practical ideas?


Zijn Werkt! helps you achieve high performance, through deep practicality, working right at the heart of change.

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Who we are

Photography:Nout Steenkamp

Zijn Werkt! is an international consultancy for team performance and innovation. We offer highly-customised learning and development services, working at a deep level of engagement to

  • Boost team performance
  • Inspire and support sustainable, values-based change in organisations, teams and with individual leaders
  • Create new concepts, ideas, plans and ways of working for organisations of all kinds
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