Valuable Contacts

By November 8, 2012General

Linked in and Twitter are great ways to expand our professional network and to get in contact with other people. Our hopes, expectations and acts towards these ‘chosen or acquired’ people turn them into ‘valuable contacts’, in our pursuit of personal or business gain: job offers, contracts, preferred positions. In a way, we reduce, a whole person to a ‘valuable contact’.

Quite opposite this intentional search for ‘value adding‘ contacts, is my experience with poor or ill people e.g. in charity works I participate in occasionally. Those encounters consistently turn out to be truly enriching, and usually unexpectedly. A lonely old woman, living from state-allowance, spends her money on knitting sweaters for an orphanage in Chile. How do I deal with my richness and talents? One of our guest in the Lourdes-pilgrimage is grateful for her life in spite of a lost child. How do I deal with a (business) set-back?

So can I let go my search and urge for value? Can I distance myself from expectations and  assumptions about the other? Will I be able to adopt an open or curious attitude? Can I be more neutral (or indifferent, according to spiritual traditions)?

All this in order to fully welcome the whole other and to give the richness of true connection a chance to surface in all and everyone we encounter.