TBI conference

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In January I attended the second Fellow-meeting studying modernity through the eye of spirituality. Great talks, good people, nice program!

4 ‘New’ Ways to Better Look

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DSC02380Looking for solutions, seeing the bigger picture, getting it: in order to construct our reality, we largely rely on our looking and seeing. Studies in spirituality have surprisingly enriched my practice of ‘just looking’. Enjoy reading four eye openers, I happily share with you!



2015: Happy Inner Movements

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'Look at Us' Hermitage Amsterdam 2014This week I visited the exhibition ‘Look at Us’ in Hermitage Amsterdam. Leaders and governors are richly portrayed in Dutch 17th century Golden Age style. Among colossal paintings, modern pictures of todays’ charities feature.

I look in the ‘mirror’ and see static poses that communicate considerable works.

Year’s end, and if we review at all, usually our outer movements i.e. achievements are measured. I pause and reflect. Three Inner Movements in 2014 come to mind:

  • Becoming more receptive
  • Inner Joy, less affected by outside events
  • Inclined to experimentation e.g. in the field of leadership and spirituality

These ‘Big 3’ came unnoticed and for no direct gain to the outside world, yet observable and fulfilling to me, for which I am grateful.

To all of you, I wish an innerly moving 2015 for performance and fulfillment!

Lecture Inner Perspectives of Leadership

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ImpactHUB Rotterdam | Magic Impact Days | 5 June 2014

By Jeroen van Lawick, founder Zijn Werkt! | Leading in Reflection

Changing your organisation or business? Transformation happens because leaders transform. Key to today’s leadership is the inner dynamic: daring to involve yourself, deepening your self-understanding, interiorise new insights: innovation becomes innovating yourself from within.



As part of the Magic Impact Days, Jeroen van Lawick presented a lecture on the inner perspectives of leadership.

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Surrender: The Other Way

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The alternative pathwayYesterday I sent out this tweet: ‘My leadership challenge today is to contemplate surrender and letting go. What is yours?’.  

So, may I share with you my reflections?

Surrender? To whom, to what? Give up on myself?  Read More

The Inner States of Leadership

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Inner Leadership StatesI support leaders in their inner journey necessary for business transformation.

So, what are their deeper perspectives on business, its people involved and their personal contribution? Can those perspectives become sources for transformation, excellence and prosperity ? Read More

Sustain-ability: working on relationships.

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This afternoon’s lunch with good friends: we come to speak about sustainability. Someone argues it is about technical solutions or energy efficiency. Another one gets tired of it..already an obsolete concept. Nr Three recalls it is no more than business continuity; a money-maker or another business trend. “I thought it is about the environment”, says Nr Four.

Then their eyes turn to me: What do I say ? …Relational

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