Sustain-ability: working on relationships.

By April 19, 2013Blog

This afternoon’s lunch with good friends: we come to speak about sustainability. Someone argues it is about technical solutions or energy efficiency. Another one gets tired of it..already an obsolete concept. Nr Three recalls it is no more than business continuity; a money-maker or another business trend. “I thought it is about the environment”, says Nr Four.

Then their eyes turn to me: What do I say ? …Relational

“Sustainability means honoring and deepening your relationships with nature, with the other and with yourself”, as means towards ultimately peace, justice, joy and the earth’s integrity”. Only if we start to work on the renewal of these relationships, we will transform, sustain and thrive. (And yes, technical solutions or new processes are necessary instrumental parts to complete the equation!). I believe sustainability is another and secular way, for some people, to refer to the Kingdom of God”.

The meal is nice, the wine is good and we laugh; our friendship is deepened. We build sustainability. At the end, one friend confides he has to work hard to foster new relationships following a recent merger of his company. That is sustainability and requires the ability to sustain.

When I leave, in the garden, one of us smiles at me and says: “Those were remarkable and positive words”. I thank him and I feel I am on the right way!