Surrender: The Other Way

By April 18, 2014Blog

The alternative pathwayYesterday I sent out this tweet: ‘My leadership challenge today is to contemplate surrender and letting go. What is yours?’.  

So, may I share with you my reflections?

Surrender? To whom, to what? Give up on myself? 

No. Surrender as in turning to my ‘alternative pathway’, the alternative route to the one of mind-struggle,  ongoing questions and searches for answers, of analysis-paralysis.

This other route, beyond such mind-struggles and emotional trapping, consists of accessing my passion, my will, making mindful choices and act in service to others. And that is leadership.

Sounds familiar, logic or straightforward? It Is however a challenge at a deeper level. To understand is one thing. Making it happen quite something else in many cases: moving beyond wrestling with ourselves into mindful action; letting go of our inner battles that frustrate our bigger Self to unfold, to resurrect and bear fruit.

How then? No comprehensive master plan here but some leading questions, that you may find helpful:

  • Am I conscious of my current mindset? : ‘struggle’ or ‘unfolding and reaching out’, or something else? Take a moment to stop, feel and become aware.
  • Can I see that I actually have a choice to distance myself from my mind-hassle and to actively surrender to my other pathway of longing, will, choice and act?
  • Focussing on my heart, what makes me truly joyful, energetic? What passions emerge? What concrete ideas surface heart and mind? Which do I choose now? What’s my first small step today?

 Where longed for, I wish you a happy ‘inner shift’ in these days of Easter.