Meaning & Compassion at Work

By June 10, 2013Blog

-Book / Paper Reviews-

Two sources of literature that fit so nicely our ‘Reflection in Action’ approach, therefore we like to mention and recommend them here!

Microblog: Increasing the ‘Meaning Quotient of Work’; McKinsey Quarterly, January 2013

Interesting paper by leading consulting firm. According to the authors, providing ‘meaning at work’ is the most prominent lever to drive peak performance nowadays, in addition to sound strategy (IQ) and good cooperation (EQ). Meaning as in ‘something that truly matters’, ‘excitement’ or ‘hasn’t been done before’. Strategies for working on meaning are presented; among them telling more and different stories to inspire teams. 

Different approaches. Your views

Working on meaning, purpose and engagement for sustainable and breakthrough performance is at the core of Zijn Werkt!. Actively pursuing them is a real and concrete step forward towards humanising work and world.

 Different approaches can be observed:

  • To deploy ‘meaning’ as another means to drive performance; risking ‘meaning’ to become meaningless? 
  • To embrace ‘meaning’ as an end in itself intrinsically connected to sustainable business and living. 

How would you enhance meaning at work? Would that depend on the approach taken? We welcome your views and ideas by means of the ‘Leave a Reply’- option at the bottom!

I would like to speak with Zijn Werkt! about ways to deepen meaning, purpose and engagement in the workplace.


‘Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life’, by Karen Armstrong

’Compassion calls us always to treat all others as we wish to be treated ourselves’.

Karen Armstrong offers us a number of practical, yet deep, steps towards a more compassionate life. More on YouTube.

K Armstrong CompassionCompassion may be considered a key value and approach to lead ourselves away from self-preoccupation towards more social (organizational) behaviours. Sustainable development and performance essentially is about fostering such relationships: with others, with ourselves and with the environment. 

Therefore we believe this piece of work is relevant and beneficial to professional contexts in leading ourselves and transformations. 
 Importantly, we see opportunities to apply her practices in work situations. 

I would like to speak about compassion at work with Zijn Werkt!.