Lecture Inner Perspectives of Leadership

By June 16, 2014Blog

ImpactHUB Rotterdam | Magic Impact Days | 5 June 2014

By Jeroen van Lawick, founder Zijn Werkt! | Leading in Reflection

Changing your organisation or business? Transformation happens because leaders transform. Key to today’s leadership is the inner dynamic: daring to involve yourself, deepening your self-understanding, interiorise new insights: innovation becomes innovating yourself from within.



As part of the Magic Impact Days, Jeroen van Lawick presented a lecture on the inner perspectives of leadership.

As a start, participants were asked to share their initial ideas about ‘the inner way’: consciousness, inner essence, life goals, truthfulness, beyond the daily doing, inner and outer change congruency.

Jeroen then shared his personal story how he got involved in this area of inner leadership development, having relocated his innovation focus from materials to humans! Nowadays Jeroen leads his own leadership development company Zijn Werkt! | Leading  in Reflection, specifically addressing the inner dynamics of leadership for transformative change.

Inner Dynamics of Leadership

In order to get (re)inspired and to engage others, to move to a next level, one has to create an ‘inner space’ first of all. Two movement were outlined:

  1. Gain access and connect our doing to our being, the residence of our longing. Normally we are busy ‘acting’. Next level performance goes hand in hand with a ‘next level of being’! [vertical movement]
  2. The other is a personal balancing act to deploy my ‘inner life’ in the outside world in order to make a difference: not withholding myself, not imposing either. Always with an open ear to the other, who equally may have something to offer on our common road towards an emerging new working situation. This way an organisation may transform into a community! [horizontal movement]

Both movements require constant attention,- consciousness-, and are never finished. Just in the act of moving (both in vertical and horizontal direction) the transformative reality unfolds itself.


At the end of the lively conversation a point of attention emerged: the importance of meeting customers ‘where they are’ in going with them the inner way for profound change. Right language, fitting the (business) target group and working from concrete stories of success or failure in their work situation seem key. Then move beyond self-management tips, capability building or problem solving, and help them unveil their core beliefs that set them in motion. Inner transformation and breakthrough performance will come with a profound fulfilment!

People may need to make an inner shift of perspective to come to work at innovative places like ImpactHUB Rotterdam: the inner-outer congruency of change. And connecting dynamics with new target groups are key to understand.