My Contributions

On your professional, personal or collective inner leadership journey,

  • you will develop deeper and new perspectives. I challenge and help discern what truly matters and moves you.
  • you augment awareness and focus.
  • you (re)connect to yourself and interiorise newly discovered values and core beliefs; essential for a breakthrough.
  • you will make new moves and develop breakthrough ideas. I energise and encourage you on (maintaining) your way.
  • I care for you and respect your situation.


  • I have a supportive network in industry, leadership development, spirituality, academia and arts at my disposal.
  • You will benefit from subtle, systemic and powerful programmes that offer both reflection and practicality. I work from various fields: e.g. Process Consultation, Business & Spirituality, Leadership, Corporate Responsibility and Theory U.


When to call me?

You long to make a move from ‘best in class’ to ‘best in school’ — need to set novel & meaningful direction — feel stuck, uncertain and in the ‘unknown’ in times of turmoil — feel unfulfilled in your role and desire a personal breakthrough —

–Your team needs to adopt a mindset shift — You look for a sparring partner or mentor — are curious to learn what deeper perspectives can add — feel there is more to your professional life and want to explore this with a like-minded companion –You feel the passion to work from within and the desire to innovate yourself —