Jeroen van Lawick

In Motion

Two big movements in my life have shaped ‘Zijn Werkt!|Leading in Reflection’. One is my career in business and innovation. A chemical engineer by background (Delft University, 1988), I acquired extensive international work experience in innovation, (market) research, marketing and sales at ICI, Cosun and Unilever.

The other one is my affinity for, and gravitation towards deeper perspectives on human life, meaning and inner transformation.

Over the past years, these two currents of innovation-practicality and reflection on essence have blended and led me to relocate my focus of innovation into ourselves.

I believe that the inner dynamic of deep change is essential to today’s leadership for organisation and business transformation. I call it inner-outer congruency.

New Spaces

I have been trained in transformation processes (Theory U; O Scharmer MIT), process consulting (E Schein, MIT), group facilitation and fundamentals of psychology.

However, to pursue my understanding and deepen my experience concerning the profound and the inner, I felt the need to explore new domains.

In 2017 I graduated in spiritual direction from the School of Spirituality at the Titus Brandsma Institute, Radboud University Nijmegen,  with a focus on organizational and personal leadership development. Nowadays I have my own practice and, in addition, I am research fellow at the TBI to study the complex yet intriguing dynamics of technology, leadership and spirituality. Furthermore I am dedicated to the personal en professional development of (future) tech-leadership with three colleagues in MILES.


To go the inner side of leadership is a challenging yet rewarding journey. It helps me reach next levels of performance and fulfilment. At a practical level, I leverage my (working) experience, insights and practices nowadays in personal and team leadership development, in writing and lecture. You can read more about projects, interviews and publications in my Blog.

I am excited to be your, or your team’s travel-companion on a leadership journey for transformation and invite you to contact me.

And beyond work? I happily share my life with my wife and two adolescent children. For me personally, Christian spirituality is a key source of inspiration. Books, music, family and friends and running complete my life of Leading in Reflection.

Founder Zijn Werkt! |
Leading in Reflection

Jeroen van Lawick

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