Leading in Reflection


Innovating yourself

Next level Performance | Next level of Being


Profound and Practical

Organisations transform because their leaders transform.
Key to today’s leadership is an inner dynamic: involving understanding and innovating yourself.
This is the most challenging aspect of leading.
To innovate yourself, personally as a leader or professional, or as a team, with my offer I help you specifically develop your inner dynamics of leadership.
You move to a next level of performance and fulfilment.
Profound and Practical is my approach.Together we explore your deeper realities and core beliefs required for leading. You learn to leverage these in your daily working life. Leading in Reflection is my way of living.
I can be your travelling-companion.

Jeroen is an exceptional listener, a great thinker and a man of great virtue and empathy. I believe this makes him an exceptional coach | spiritual counselor and much more. Zijn Werkt! | Leading in Reflection offers a new perspective to developing personal leadership. I shall certainly continue to ask for his advice and I highly recommend him.

Gero Chiavari, General Manager at Ribé Salat Broker

Zijn Werkt! connected easily to our team and delivered a well-balanced and truly effective programme.

Guidion ICT-support

Jeroen helps you reflect in a truly pure and professional way; Impressive!

Participant Personal Leadership Program 2013 ISD Hoge School Leiden

Zijn Werkt! combines a practical style with a spiritual focus,
helping people to make a connection between their deeply felt
life-values and their every day work.


We addressed personal leadership as essential to successful Corporate Social Responsibility.

Reaal Insurances

I rediscovered how important Corporate Social Responsibility is to me.

Philips, CSR-Masterclass

Zijn Werkt! approaches CSR through the essence of business, and to me that is the best way.


Zijn Werkt! is an inspiring and action-focussed sparring partner.

Eyedesign, MicroCareTeam

Big compliment for your unorthodox approaches that led to novel insights in our team interaction.

Guidion ICT-support

We gained energy and ideas; very valuable.

Novo Nordisk

Zijn Werkt! provided an accurate and inspiring presentation on our Theory U symposium.

Prof. Dr. Anne Goossensen

Jeroen is a very involved person and good listener.
His personal approach allows you to reflect deeply and
gives you a better understanding about your own beliefs.

Hans Knook, MSc, young leader; participates in Xpand's Leaders of Influence Program

Jeroen is an excellent trainer for finding your internal drivers for sustainability. He has a natural way of asking the right questions and guide you through the proces of change we need for the transation towards sustainable development.